Community Involvement

Being thankful that my heart operation was successful, I decided that I needed to put something back into society.

My hallucinations in hospital spurred me to write Matters of the Heart. The book draft was well under way and the search for a sponsor was proceeding. Since I was a heart patient, it followed that the Heart Foundation could help to open a door. And so I was trained and do Volunteer Talks as the requests come in.

Mr John Ehm has been a Volunteer for the National Heart Foundation since 2004 and as a Volunteer Guest Speaker since 29 January 2005. John was crucial in helping to set up the Volunteer Speaking Group in Cairns at that time.

Water aerobic exercise classes in the Cairns Esplanade Lagoon opened another door and so the 2007 Aquatic Festival was staged. Via the planning for the Festival I met a lot of community folk and got to know how it all fits together.

And so other doors opened in my endeavours to put something back. Now I call them PSB’s for short.

Later,  a sort of Think Tank group was asked to help with the establishment of a pilot scheme for Seniors Legal and Support Service re  Elder Abuse to help establish a permanent help service base in Cairns. I  was asked to represent seniors.

The Queensland Government has since recognized the need and so the service is here to stay in the long term.

OWLS stands for Older, Wiser, Living Safely.  Initiated by the Cairns Police and working with the Cairns Safe Communities Council Program, OWLS is another great service for all Seniors.  Listen to ABC Far North Radio on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 10.30 am. You might catch me talking sometime.

In July 2008 a Public Community Forum was held. The Social Planner of the Cairns Regional Council explained that the Council was looking at the formation of a Corporate Plan f or Seniors to help especially with the needs of the Ageing Population  explosion in Australia and the foreseeable years and beyond.

A lot of talk (some meetings held and gradually things developed.  All this led to the formation of Positive Ageing Cairns INC.  in July 2009.

I was elected President of the Positive Ageing Cairns Incorporated Association.

For all Seniors here  in the Greater Cairns Region the future looks exciting.

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